Sunday, March 13, 2011

Craft Show a Success!

This past Saturday, Aunt Dottie's Pantry attended the "Spring Fling" Craft Show in Millerstown, PA.  This was Aunt Dottie's very first craft show EVER!  And boy were we obvious rookies! We arrived Friday night to set up our booth.  We found our name on the floor with our booth number- awesome, we thought, we found it without having to wander around looking like idiots.  Well, that was the easy part.  Since most of the vendors for the show set up Saturday morning, there wasn't much around us.  We saw tape on the floor, but, twirling our hair, we said, "umm, which way do we face our table?"  Luckily, we used our stellar reasoning and logistics skills and figured it out.  Once our table was up, we looked like pros:

The display to on the right was awesome!  It was built by Dottie's husband, Dave, and allowed us to display our most current cards.  To the left of the display are the dividers, fanned out so people could see all the designs and feel the laminate.  Behind those are three totes of pre-wrapped recipe card packs.

Picture to the left is Aunt Dottie, smiling (kinda) through the nerves. Oh, she wasn't nervous about how our table would do, she was nervousabout having a Girl Scout group directly behind us selling cookies all day long!

Finally, this part of the booth was our "information section". We had a binder of all the designs we offer, as well as an email sign-up sheet, business cards, flyers AAAAAANNND.........BRAND SPANKIN' NEW COLORING CARDS! (as seen on the very right in the basket, with pre-colored cards as examples.  These will be available on the website very soon, so stay tuned!

  Besides having a few blonde moments, which we have no shame in admitting, this craft show was a great first experience!  Thank you to everyone who came out and supported Aunt Dottie's Pantry!

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